Celtic Triquetra Trinity Knot Coaster


Check out this lovely Celtic Triquetra Trinity Knot Coaster at Zazzle.com, with a simple brown Celtic triquetra interlaced with a circle forming a trinitarian symbol craved against a wood background design. Great for parties, or for your home, if you’re looking for just that special touch to your home decoration. A nice gift for friends with love Celtic designs as well!


Flower Print Face Masks


Browse a wide selection of flower prints face mask and face coverings available in various colors and graphics at Zazzle.com, made by a community of talented designers.

Stripes Pattern Face Masks


Browse a wide selection of striped face mask and face coverings available in various colors and graphics at Zazzle.com, made by a community of talented designers.

Stay Safe with Zazzle’s $11 Customizable Cloth Face Masks


Cloth Face Masks | $11 | Zazzle | Use code BESTDADGIFTS

For our safety, and for everyone else’s safety, we need to stay inside. However, staying inside for weeks on end isn’t feasible for most people. We need groceries and other supplies eventually! When you do go out, though, it’s important to wear a cloth face mask, and you can buy one with a customizable pattern from Zazzle right now. If you use code BESTDADGIFTS at checkout, you’ll save a few bucks, bringing the total to $11.

Now, this isn’t the N95 mask that’s recommended for medical professionals, but even basic cloth face masks like these can help protect those not in direct contact with COVID on a daily basis to stay safe. Or rather, you’re keeping others safe from your own germs, as these cloth face masks are more designed to keep your germs in, not keep others’ out.

Corona fashion…yep. We have to cover our faces in public…why not look good doing it? Seriously guys, take walks it helps. All of these are reusable, washable, and, of course, super cute. We hope you love the products we recommend!

Puzzles Time – Pass the Time with Puzzles


Need another way to pass the time while staying home during social distancing due to Coronavirus? With everything going on in the world right now, being cooped up at home is inevitable for a lot of people. If you’ve already binge-watched everything and are looking for something else to do, we’ve got the perfect activity for you: puzzles!

Interestingly, our brains actually crave puzzles and problem-solving activities, there’s science behind it:

  • Physical: Physically, the human brain is challenged by puzzles as they can improve hand-eye coordination. When you see a puzzle piece with your eyes, your brain analyzes not only the colour and pattern information – but also its shape. Then your brain triggers movement of your hands which results in improved motor skills.
  • Mental: Cognitively, solving a jigsaw puzzle improves your memory! We find that our day-to-day is so BUSY. By taking the time to focus all of your attention on one thing in your day, your brain makes stronger memory connections. This in turn improves your overall problem solving skills as you become more effective at focusing your attention on the task at hand.
  • Emotional: On an emotional level, doing a puzzle is a true test of your patience. When you start a puzzle, you are setting a short-term goal that you can actively monitor progress on. The world has come to a standstill; many tasks and activities that we would normally be able to do effortlessly throughout our days – like grocery shopping – have now turned into major “outings,” and easily take three times as long. Exercising your patience is an important skill to practice now more than ever.

Singapore Travel Postcard – Art Science Museum


Check out this Singapore Travel Postcard – Art Science Museum at Zazzle.com, depicting a lovely Singapore skyline night scene. It shows the Art Science Museum, beautifully lit up with the image of a dandelion in a field of yellow flowers on a bright sunny day. Buy this as a travel souvenir to keep or give your friends!


Simple and Fun Pink Happy Birthday Paper Plates


Check out this Simple and Fun Pink Happy Birthday Paper Plates at Zazzle.com. It is a set of simple and fun girly pinkish Happy Birthday paper plates with the words “Happy Bday!” in various shades of pink and purple. Colors of the letters and the background of the paper plate can be changed . Make it a set with paper napkins and paper cups!


Christmas Paper Napkins – get ready for your xmas party


Check out this Merry Christmas Paper Napkins with a 20XX Template Snowflakes Gift Boxes design at Zazzle.com by WheresMyMojo!

This is a pretty set of Christmas paper napkins with a modern style Typography design with gift box graphics and a snowflakes background. The outside reads “Merry Christmas 20XX” for you to change to your preferred year.

It’s never too late nor too early to buy just the right set of partyware for your party, so why not start with this set of Christmas paper napkins! Check out more partyware design and products below.


Violin Music Pocket Folder


Check out this Violin Music Pocket Folder at Zazzle.com! Made from smooth semi-gloss paper, these folders are perfectly sized to stash your etudes, your own scores, your notes, and any other loose papers for your violin in a pocket folder designed just for you with a fantasy violin. Turn to the back, and you can write your name! You can also store your business cards on the business card (3.5” X 2”) slit inside on left pocket.

Or, buy several for your violin section mates. Never fear mixing up the folders anymore with names at the back. Get this awesome gift now!

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Or shop for more Music Gifts at Zazzle.

Or view other specially selected music products!


Portuguese Azulejo Glazed Tiles Coffee Mug


Check out this Portuguese Azulejo Glazed Tiles Coffee Mug at Zazzle.com. This mug has an antique Portuguese Azulejo Glazed Tiles floral pattern in blue and white. Azulejo is a form of Portuguese or Spanish painted, tin-glazed, ceramic tilework, a typical aspect of Portuguese culture. Buy it as a house-warming gift, or for a Portuguese friend!

See further below for mugs with similar designs. At Zazzle, you’re definitely spoiled for choices.