Red Roses High Top Shoes from surfsprite


Love roses? Love RED roses? This pair of Red Roses High Top Shoes is definitely for you. This pair of high top sneakers has the print of a photograph of roses in red, pink, and white, with a red stripe behind.

The color of the red stripe can be changed, if you would prefer to have it in other colors. This is as realistic as you can get for roses, other than attaching real ones to your shoes. Why not get them now! And match them with your floral outfit, or a simple red themed dress.



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Nautical Ocean Wave Summer Tank Top from J’s Zazzle Store


This Nautical Ocean Wave Summer Tank Top has an all over ocean print with a black anchor, celebrate summer fun and being on the water with this tank top. Look cool and feel super cool with this ocean themed summer tank top!

Great for going to the beach. Get one now!



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Blue Nautical Anchor Pattern Tie from WheresMyMojo


Hello Sailor! This Blue Nautical Anchor Pattern Tie is a nautical inspired tie design featuring a ship anchors pattern. Personalize for yourself or make a great gift by adding text and change it’s colors and sizes as you wish.

Great as a Father’s Day present, or for your friend or boyfriend or husband who loves the sea and all things nautical.



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Celtic Knot Diamond Tile Samsung S7 Case from surfsprite


This Celtic Knot Diamond Tile Samsung S7 Case is a customizable phone case from surfsprite with a Celtic theme. Having a repeated diamond blue green Celtic knot tiled design against a black background, it has a white rectangle overlay in the middle where you can personalize it with your name, or the name of the person you’re gifting it to.

If your phone is not a Samsung Galaxy S7, you can also choose the phone type of your choice from the dropdown after clicking through to the product page. Personalize it now!



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Country Road Wine Label from Bebop’s Place


A lovely red wine bottle Country Road Wine Label that features a landscape scene, inviting you to follow the country road down into the autumn woods. Gorgeous in red, orange, green, gold, brown and yellow, the fall foliage is beautiful to behold.

All the text can be customized with the information that you want. Personalize it now, and get your very own special label(s).



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Peacock Feathers Ceramic Knob from surfsprite


Add a dash of wild yet regal to whatever you attached this Peacock Feathers Ceramic Knob to. This ceramic knob features a photograph of up close and detailed peacock feathers. Colorful and beautiful, it might be most suited for a vanity table. Vain peacocks. Vanity Table. Geddit? ^^

Other suggestions on things you can use this ceramic knob on are: furniture doors, cabinet doors, drawer pulls, wardrobe, and even doors. Isn’t it exciting? Have fun with it!



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Wooden Logs Light Switch Cover from WheresMyMojo


Home decor is never easy, especially when there are so many things to consider, so many designs to choose from. Where can you find a light switch cover that matches your wall, especially when it’s made up of wooden logs? Well, look no further, for this Wooden Logs Light Switch Cover might just be the one you’re looking for!

It’s a perfect light switch cover for country stores, your weekend getaway ranch in the mountains, or for anyone who just adores rustic design.



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Customizable Lucky Celtic Clover Guitar Pick from surfsprite


Feeling lucky? This Customizable Lucky Celtic Clover Guitar Pick is just right for you. This green guitar pick has a four leave clover Celtic Knot design on one side with an option to personalize with your name or any text on the other side.

This could help boost confidence when using it during concerts too. LUCK IS WITH YOU. *thumbs up* You can do it =) Great as a gift as well, for that special someone. Gift some lucky today.



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Keep Calm Stay Focused Mouse Pad from WheresMyMojo


This Keep Calm Stay Focused Mouse Pad has the inspirational phrase adapted from the iconic “Keep Calm and Carry On” motif, with a camera inbetween “KEEP CALM” and “STAY FOCUSED”.

The “FOCUSED” here is a pun; meaning both the camera “focus”, because of the camera picture, and also to keep calm and “concentrate”. A great gift idea to your favourite photographer, or someone who tends to lose focus, or someone who’s both a photographer and who can’t concentrate.



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INFJ Coffee Mug – Personality Type Mug from surfsprite


INFJ, meaning Introversion, iNtuition, Feeling, and Judging, is one of the 16 personality types in the Myers–Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI). This two-tone INFJ Coffee Mug has the words “I’m an INFJ”. It is a white mug with black inside, thus the “two-tone”.

MBTI is one of the most widely used introspective self-report personality test in the world based on Carl Jung and Briggs Myers type theory. When people gets on your nerves, just hold up your mug 😉

The words “INFJ” are customizable, so if you’re not one, no worries, just replace INFJ with your personality type.



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