Celtic Knot Red Metallic Cufflinks by surfsprite


Get this pair of cool Celtic Knot Red Metallic Cufflinks by surfsprite from Zazzle for your loved one. Featuring a silver Celtic knot designed in a round shape, with a red square cross in the center against a black background, it eludes a mysterious yet cool aura, perfect for the man who fits both attributes.



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Nautical Frigate Personalized Cufflinks by A Tuscan Garden


A pair of cufflinks fit for any sea-faring man, this Nautical Frigate Personalized Cufflinks has a drawing of an antique frigate in white, creating a nautical theme on this classic men’s accessory.

The color of the background of the cufflinks can be changed. Go to the product page in Zazzle by clicking on the picture, and then click on the “Customize it” button, and select the color of your choice on the right.

An awesome gift for your father, husband, boyfriend, or for any friend who loves sailing.



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Peacock Feathers Paper Plates from surfsprite


Check out this set of Peacock Feathers Paper Plates! A set of paper plates that has a close up and detailed photgraph of peacock feathers, it’s a great idea to use them for your party or gathering. It’s not only decorative, it’s also functional, regal, yet wild like peacocks. Get them for your upcoming party now!



Get them in a set too, with paper cups and paper napkins.

Peacock Feathers Paper Cups
Peacock Feathers Paper Cups

Peacock Feathers Paper Napkins
Peacock Feathers Paper Napkins


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Office Humor Upper Management Coffee Mug from WheresMyMojo


An Office Humor Upper Management Coffee Mug with a photo of a group of turtle eating an abundant amount of vegetables, poster style, with the heading “Upper Management”, and words in smaller font “The Abundant Life”. It’s a funny take on the upper management in an office.

Super cool as a gift for your boss, or anyone in your office’s upper management. Please also do ensure they have a sense of humor before giving it to them!



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Zazzle Celtic Knot Red Metallic Can Cooler from surfsprite


Looking for cool partyware for your upcoming party? You might want to consider this Celtic Knot Red Metallic Can Cooler. This black can cooler has a silver metallic Celtic knot round design, with a red square cross in the middle.

The same design is printed on both the front and the back. Keep your can cool with this cool can cooler without getting your hands wet. And impress your guests at the same time.



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Math Formulas On A Blackboard Clipboard from WheresMyMojo


Do you love Maths? Are you a scientist? Do you teach Maths? Or maybe in a job that is closely related to numbers and formulas, and are looking for just the right clipboard? Look no further! Get this Math Formulas Blackboard Clipboard, and be inspired on a daily basis.

Great as a Teacher’s Day present too! Or for your tutor, or mentor. Stock up now, and save the worry of searching for the perfect gift last minute next time.



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Ancient Egyptian Hieroglyphs Red Samsung S7 Case from surfsprite


Another product in the hieroglyphics range of cool products, this Ancient Egyptian Hieroglyphs Red Samsung S7 Case has rows upon rows of ancient Egyptian Hieroglyphs engraved on red stone. Look, there’s even a crack on the left. Talk about realistic!

Also availabe in other colors, like purple, yellow, green, and blue! Or see more hieroglyphics cases



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Zazzle Sports Gifts Collection by surfsprite


Check out this Sports Gifts Collection! A collection of sports themed gifts – tshirts, mugs, keychains, coasters, and etc – in a Greek art style. Athletes are in black in Greek art form, some with Greek borders, with words like “BORN TO RUN”, and winning formulas like “Train. Wrestle. Win. Repeat.”

There are also funny mugs like “Will Run for Coffee”. Looking to get a set? You have it – there’re also “Will Wrestle for Coffee” and “Will Kill for Coffee” mugs. The gifts are stylish yet humorous, either for the home, for the office, or for your sports fanatic friends.

The option to gift wrap in style is also open – check out the ribbon featuring athletes in various sports!


Vintage Rose Flower Tile Wristwatch from WheresMyMojo


A decorative design originated from 19th century Art Nouveau’s Majolica Tiles & Pattern Floor Tiles, this Vintage Rose Flower Tile Wristwatch has a tile design that can be found on heritage listed colonial Architecture throughout Singapore.

They are also commonly called “Peranakan Tiles”. Some appear Art Nouveau, while others look Art Deco. Enjoy the beautiful colours, symmetry, and detail of this tile on your watch! A beautiful gift suitable for upcoming Mother’s Day, especially so if your mother loves vintage, and roses!



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Celtic Triquetra Trinity Knot Zazzle Belt Buckle from surfsprite


A beautiful Celtic Triquetra Trinity Knot Belt Buckle with a Celtic trinity knot intertwined with a Celtic circle in shades of brown, giving it a wooden design look.

This forms a trinitarian symbol craved against a wood background, representing spiritual unity with the divine on the belt buckle. It’s never too early to get your Dad this beautiful belt buckle as a Father’s Day present – or get it for your husband or boyfriend! I’m pretty sure they’ll be thrilled with this gift.



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