Zazzle Throw Pillow: Ancient Chinese Poem – Yuan Ri Square Pillow


Check out this cool Ancient Chinese Poem – Yuan Ri Square Pillow at This pillow has the poem 《元日》 by 王安石 which depicts how people welcome the festive Chinese New Year in ancient China. Great as a Chinese New Year decoration. Not only suitable for occasions like the Chinese New Year, the beautiful font in an overall red theme also adequately represents the sender’s good wishes for the receiver. The poem goes like this: “爆竹声中一岁除,春风送暖入屠苏。千门万户曈曈日,总把新桃换旧符。”


Zazzle Round Ornament from surfsprite: Lucky Celtic Clover


St. Patrick’s Day is coming! Feel lucky with this four leaf clover round ornament, made up of four hearts knotted together in a Celtic design!




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