Portuguese Azulejo Glazed Tiles Coffee Mug


Check out this Portuguese Azulejo Glazed Tiles Coffee Mug at Zazzle.com. This mug has an antique Portuguese Azulejo Glazed Tiles floral pattern in blue and white. Azulejo is a form of Portuguese or Spanish painted, tin-glazed, ceramic tilework, a typical aspect of Portuguese culture. Buy it as a house-warming gift, or for a Portuguese friend!

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Office Humor Upper Management Coffee Mug from WheresMyMojo


An Office Humor Upper Management Coffee Mug with a photo of a group of turtle eating an abundant amount of vegetables, poster style, with the heading “Upper Management”, and words in smaller font “The Abundant Life”. It’s a funny take on the upper management in an office.

Super cool as a gift for your boss, or anyone in your office’s upper management. Please also do ensure they have a sense of humor before giving it to them!



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INFJ Coffee Mug – Personality Type Mug from surfsprite


INFJ, meaning Introversion, iNtuition, Feeling, and Judging, is one of the 16 personality types in the Myers–Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI). This two-tone INFJ Coffee Mug has the words “I’m an INFJ”. It is a white mug with black inside, thus the “two-tone”.

MBTI is one of the most widely used introspective self-report personality test in the world based on Carl Jung and Briggs Myers type theory. When people gets on your nerves, just hold up your mug 😉

The words “INFJ” are customizable, so if you’re not one, no worries, just replace INFJ with your personality type.



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