Greek Running Athlete Pillow by surfsprite


Check out this Greek Running Athlete Pillow at This is a great addition to a Greek themed room, or for anyone who’s a fan of Greek art! Also a suitable gift for runners.


Zazzle Sports Gifts Collection by surfsprite


Check out this Sports Gifts Collection! A collection of sports themed gifts – tshirts, mugs, keychains, coasters, and etc – in a Greek art style. Athletes are in black in Greek art form, some with Greek borders, with words like “BORN TO RUN”, and winning formulas like “Train. Wrestle. Win. Repeat.”

There are also funny mugs like “Will Run for Coffee”. Looking to get a set? You have it – there’re also “Will Wrestle for Coffee” and “Will Kill for Coffee” mugs. The gifts are stylish yet humorous, either for the home, for the office, or for your sports fanatic friends.

The option to gift wrap in style is also open – check out the ribbon featuring athletes in various sports!